• About Dial Caliper

    About Dial Caliper

    In the realm of precision measurement tools, the dial caliper has long been a staple for professionals and hobbyists alike. Recently, a groundbreaking advancement in dial caliper technology has been unveiled, promising to revolutionize the way measurements are taken and ...
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  • Introduction to Spline Cutters

    Introduction to Spline Cutters

    Enhancing Precision in Machining In the world of precision machining, spline cutters play a crucial role. They are essential tools in manufacturing processes where precision and accuracy are paramount. This article delves into the specifics of spline cutters, including full fillet spline cutters ...
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  • HSS Inch Hand Reamer With Straight Or Spiral Flute

    HSS Inch Hand Reamer With Straight Or Spiral Flute

    Recommended Products We're glad you're interested in our hand reamer. We offer two material types: High-Speed Steel (HSS) and 9CrSi. While 9CrSi is suitable for manual use only, HSS can be used both manually and with machines. Fuction For Ha...
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  • Introduction to CCMT Turning Inserts

    Introduction to CCMT Turning Inserts

    Recommended Products CCMT turning inserts are a type of cutting tool used in machining processes, specifically in turning operations. These inserts are designed to fit into a corresponding tool holder and are used to cut, shape, and finish materia...
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  • Introduction to SCFC Indexable Boring Bar

    Introduction to SCFC Indexable Boring Bar

    Recommended Products The SCFC Indexable Boring Bar is a specialized tool used primarily for boring operations in machining, designed to achieve precise internal diameters and surface finishes with interchangeable cutting inserts. FunctionThe main ...
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  • Detailed Analysis of Different Rockwell Hardness Scales

    Detailed Analysis of Different Rockwell Hardness Scales

    Recommended Products 1. HRA *Testing Method and Principle: -The HRA hardness test uses a diamond cone indenter, pressed into the material surface under a 60 kg load. The hardness value is determined by measuring the depth of the indentation. *Appl...
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  • Caribide Tipped Tool Bit

    Caribide Tipped Tool Bit

    Recommended Products Carbide tipped tool bits are high-performance cutting tools widely used in modern machining. They are characterized by having their cutting edges made from carbide, typically a combination of tungsten and cobalt, while the mai...
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  • Single Angle Milling Cutter

    Single Angle Milling Cutter

    Recommended Products The single angle milling cutter is a specialized tool used in metal machining, featuring cutting edges set at a specific angle. It is mainly used for making angled cuts, chamfering, or slotting on a workpiece. Typically made f...
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  • Concave Milling Cutter

    Concave Milling Cutter

    Recommended Products A Concave Milling Cutter is a specialized milling tool used to machine concave surfaces. Its main function is to cut the surface of the workpiece to create precise concave curves or grooves. This tool is widely used in the man...
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  • Plain Metal Slitting Saws

    Plain Metal Slitting Saws

    Recommended Products The Plain Metal Slitting Saw epitomizes the marriage of innovation and tradition in the metalworking industry. Its versatility and precision make it a cornerstone tool for various applications, from fabricating intricate compo...
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  • Side Milling Cutter

    Side Milling Cutter

    Recommended Products A side milling cutter is a versatile cutting tool predominantly used in metal machining processes. It is characterized by multiple blades and is specifically designed for milling operations on the side of a workpiece. This too...
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  • Shell End Mill

    Shell End Mill

    Recommended Products The shell end mill is a widely used metal cutting tool in the machining industry. It consists of a replaceable cutter head and a fixed shank, differing from solid end mills that are made entirely of a single piece. This modula...
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  • Indexable End Mill

    Indexable End Mill

    Recommended Products An indexable end mill is a versatile and essential tool in the metalworking industry, designed to efficiently remove metal material during machining operations. Its replaceable inserts allow for greater flexibility and cost-ef...
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  • HSS End Mill

    HSS End Mill

    Recommended Products The end mill is a crucial tool in the modern machining industry, renowned for its versatility and efficiency. It is a rotating cutting tool commonly used on milling machines and CNC machines for operations such as cutting, mil...
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  • Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter

    Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter

    Recommended Products Carbide-tipped hole cutters are specialized tools used for drilling holes in various materials. With tips made of tungsten carbide, they have extremely high hardness and wear resistance, allowing them to easily handle stainles...
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  • Gear Cutter

    Gear Cutter

    Recommended Products Gear cutters are precision tools used in the manufacture of gears. Their primary purpose is to create the desired gear teeth on gear blanks through cutting processes. Gear cutters are widely used in various industries, includi...
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